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of a world in



As a doctor in physics I understand the science of climate change and as a travelled and experienced professional I recognise the implications of unsustainable practices around the World.

I am driven to bring my academic, professional and collaborative skills together to support organisations willing to invest in our future.

Supporting organisations and individuals to meet the challenges of climate change, while building resilience and sustainability. 


To succeed we need to acknowledge our place in the natural world, observe how we are part of a larger system, and alter our behaviour and actions in recognition.  We are part of and dependent on Earth's ecosystems.

Poise, in pursuit of a world in balance

Professional Services

Focus on supporting organisations and individuals to create sound strategies  based on scientific research and open dialogue. Working on a bespoke basis for those who need it most;

  • Research and analysis on wide ranging topics

  • Report writing for businesses, NGOs, & government

  • Article writing 

  • Literature reviews

  • Climate change scenario development and risk analysis 

  • Project support and advisory

Voluntary Services

Volunteering my time and expertise to support the transition to a sustainable future
Empowering people through communication of complex issues and advocating change essential to tackle climate change and to meet the UN SDGs. 

Please reach out if you think I can be of assistance





Personal and system change will happen by design or by force of nature


Humanity faces the consequences of an inter-dependent shock from climate change, global collapse of biodiversity, resource scarcity, population expansion, and an unsustainable economic system

It is irrational to continue heedless of the evidence when we stand on the precipice

Now we must act with courage and conviction to bring the balance back


I believe that living beyond our planetary boundaries is nonsensical and unnecessary

I believe the potential effects of climate change are typically mis-perceived and likely under-estimated

I believe global inequality has reached absurd proportions

I believe if we all work together there is no reason we cannot live in a balanced World


Who am I? 

I use my passion to understand the world around me, its relationships and systems, to tackle complex issues of today and to drive for positive outcomes for the economy, society and the environment. A polymath at heart, I love to bring my depth and breadth of interests to support open dialogue across wide ranging topics with leaders, experts and policy makers, to reveal original solutions to complex problems.

I am most at home in complex interactions that combine research, real-world problems, and a desire to deliver impactful, timely and relevant results.  

Today my passion lies in writing about the emerging future, tackling climate change, use of technology to build a more equitable society, transition to a circular and carbon-neutral economy, and the application of future scenarios research.

My past interests have led me to work in the fields of risk quantification and solvency reporting, agronomic modelling and service delivery, cyber-risk and the digital economy, as well as aviation, space-science and astrophysics.


What do I do?

In an international career spanning more than 20 years I have participated in and led international projects, held the position as group lead and team manager and grown through my responsibilities for people development and mentorship.  

I have experience and a passion for collaborating with experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds in the corporate sector, public sector, regulatory and academia, with a drive for bridging gaps. Positions include facilitating the formation of a public-private partnership on cyber-risk insurance with the Monetary Authority of Singapore to driving a research consortium to investigate space weather impacts on society in the UK.

I bring a natural affinity to understand complex or scientific concepts and have the capability to convey this understanding to diverse stakeholder groups, whether a scientist, a colleague, executive management or children. I am an inclusive leader that brings people on board to drive for positive outcomes together. Above all, I am passionate about unlocking the potential created at the intersection of knowledge and experience that is created when people come together.


Contact Me

10 Rue des Pommiers, Niffer, Haut-Rhin, 68680, France | Tel.: (+33) 649 453 285

Registration N° SIREN 825 133 796 – Reims | Activité Principale Exercée (APE): 7490B

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